Friday, 25 September 2009

Choosing Adhesives

Please note this list is not complete and many more adhesive products are available. Adhesives, or glues, are an essential component of paper craft. Choosing and using the correct adhesive for the job in hand is vitally important to achieve the correct result. Different types of adhesive are required for particular purposes, no one adhesive does the job for all sticking requirements. In many cases adhesive choice comes down to personal preference. I will be adding Pictures and links to this later.

To cover all your crafting needs, you will need, one adhesive from each of the groups below

Dry adhesives
This group of adhesives are a craft box must have as they are quick and easy to use, nonmessy and in most, cases, give an instant bond like :
Double-sided tape
tape on a roll that is sticky on both sides. Available in different widths. Great for sticking card and paper, quickly and easy to use
Glue dispensers
glue on a roll inside plastic casing with a rolling dispenser at one end. The snail or mouse shaped dispenser is simply glided along paper/card and the glue is laid onto the paper/card. Good alternative to double-sided tape. Available in permanent and repositionable format
Dots of glue
sticky circles, in various sizes on a carrier sheet or roll. Invaluable for sticking embellishments

Dimensional adhesives
Used to provide height and depth to papercraft projects. Perhaps most commonly associated with 3D decoupage but often used to raise just one element off a card for instant dimension.
3D foam pads
small foam pads, in various, depths and sizes, sticky on the top and bottom. Provide an instant bond
Silicone glue
glue in a tube that is squeezed out and applied to the back of work before applying to project. Silicone glue requires drying time but this can be advantages in decoupage as it provides time to move and shape layers.

Wet glue
Most of us will be familiar with PVA and “white glue” as it is often used in schools! This type of glue requires drying time and gives a strong bond.
available in tubes, often with a fine tip nozzle for precision application. PVA has a multitude of uses including as a varnish when watered down. Water based and dries clear
Glue stick
traditional glue, often used by children. Available in a solid, stick format that you twist up to use. This type of glue is, generally not as strong as liquid glue; suitable for card and paper
Glue pen
wet glue in a pen format, allowing precise application. Generally glue is blue, so that you can see where applying it and dries clear. Stick items when glue is wet and blue for an instant bond or when glue is tacky and clear for repositionable use. Great for sticking small embellishments such as flat backed gems.

Things to consider
Check adhesives used for scrapbooking are acid free. Always read instructions and follow safety Do you want an instant bond or time to reposition work?
Working with children? Make sure the adhesive is suitable – non toxic, washable etc
Take time to consider what you a re doing and which type of adhesive is most suitable
for the project.

Hints & tips
• Always replace lids to stop glue drying out, blocking nozzles and accidental spills
• For precision application of wet glue use a cocktail stick to apply to project
• Use PVA sparingly on paper/card as it will wrinkle paper/card as it dries
• Consider the decorative potential of adhesives – glitter sprinkled over double-sided tape or dots of glue, for example!
• Ask other crafters and demonstrators which adhesive they use if you are still not sure

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