Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Three Dimensional Rose

I love Roses and just had to make this beautiful 3d rose to add dimension to some of my projects. I used slightly coloured card and waterbased pigment ink. Just remember to heat set it before you touch the flowers to prevent smodging or use a permanent ink if you prefer.


Sabelina Vintage ER-C6
Iris Inks by Sabelina (waterbased pigment ink)
Aleene's Tacky Glue Fast Drying Glue pen
Glue Gun
Mini pegs
Stickles (icicle)
Card or paper of your choice

Use the ink of your choice to stamp the five petal flower three times and three leaves in the size of your choice. I like stamping a few extra leaves just in case.

I use Sabelina Stamp Cleaner spray and Cleaning pad at this stage to clean my stamps. Simply spray the liquid onto the stamps and rub them onto the cleaning pads to let the bristles remove any residual ink.

Cut the flowers and leaves out carefully and cut away extra little bits. On the first flower cut out a single petal and set both pieces aside and on the second flower cut out a two petal section leaving a three petal piece. So in total you will need five pieces to complete your rose.

Also cut the center out of the complete flower and small piece from the centre as shown in the photo. Distress the edges slightly to add definition. Now start shaping the flower and leaves as desired.

Curl the pieces to form a round shape, with stamp image on the inside, and use a strong and quick drying glue to stick petals together and mini peg or clips to hold in place until the glue is dry.Set aside to dry for about 30 minutes just to be sure the glue is perfectly set. Remove the peg and gently use your fingertips to start shaping the petal edges.

Assemble the layers to make the rose. I normally use my heat gun for this but you can also use silicone as it is more flexible but it does take longer to dry. Add the leaves to the bottom of your rose and then apply it to your project. Create as many roses as you require for your project. Finish by adding Stickels or glitter as desired.

I hope you enjoy making these as much as I did. Here is a photo to show you the different size roses you can achieve using this stamp set.

NEWLY ADDED: I found this Video on Youtube to show you how to put it together: Paper Roses and Butterflies - ENG series by SweetBioDesigns and would like to thank her for sharing here ideas. (26/01/2014)

I have used to the roses to decorate gifts:

I have also made a wreath, that can double up as a table piece with a candle in the center as shown below: