Thursday, 5 September 2013

Ready Steady Craft

I can not believe it, it's been four years since I have had all my craft goods in one room.

It all started nearly when I found out that I was pregnant with Bianca and we realized we needed a bigger house. We thought we were lucky as there was a lot on the market that we like and that was in our price range so we made our first offer and it was accpeted. Now in an ideal world we would have been in the new house within a few months so I started packing up all my craft stuff and non essentials. But as there is no law governing conduct after accepting an offer in the UK, the seller pulled out. This happened 3 times and cost us a small fortune in legal fees not to mention the agony of have to search through boxes if you need stuff or I wanted to craft. To make a long story short we eventually bought our current house in 2011 but with two babies it took a long old time to unpack everything and work through it all but I am nearly done.

All that need to happen is that the Hubby has to take some time out of his busy running schedule (doing over 50 miles a week) to build my Shelving in the Craft Hut (Shed) and I can get it properly organized but it is organized enought to be able to find what I need in 10 minutes so I can just pull stuff out and create.

To top it off my olderst went back to school today and one of the girls start Nursery next week. This means at least an hour a day for me to craft during the week. Can not tell you how happy I am about this as I got nearly nothing done during the Summer School holiday even though I attempted a few tries. So I will be crafting during the week and posting Saturday or Sunday mornings, depending on what day Daddy will look after our monkeys.

Thanks for being so patient with me over the last few years, while real life took priority over blogging and not have my creating got shown on the blog.