Thursday, 3 September 2015

Card or Project Planner A la Bon

So as promised here is my card planner. I use it for nearly every project and  I also have an Stampin Up! 6 x 8 Project life folder with blank sheet that goes just about every where with me to log inspiration.  In the image below you can see how I can utilize the sketch space for square as well as landscape or portrait cards. I like drawing a rough sketch of ideas I get from other blogs, Pinterest, magazines or even adverts or YouTube video's rather then having a picture of original to avoid just coping another crafter's work.  I try to record as much information about my idea before I start so I can go to my stash and pull everything out I need in one go.  This folder is really useful when the dreaded crafter's block strike.  Feel free to grap a copy for personal use by right clicking and saving the image file.  I will provide a PDF at a later stage.  

I like to write the measurements of completed cards on the back of these sheets that I leave blank specifically for this reason and if I am really happy with the end result I will also print out a small photo of the project to stick on the back next to the measurements.

Need some Card Sketches for Inspiration

Making a card and deciding where to put what  can be time-consuming so many card makers participate in sketch challenges each week.  These sketches alleviate hours of frustration and crafters block by showing us the best placement of card components and are great for inspiration.

A card sketch is made up of three very basic components: matting paper, designer paper, and embellishments. Matting paper is typically, but not always, cardstock, and is used to frame the designer paper to make it pop.  Matting paper is typically, but not always, cardstock, and is used to frame the designer paper to make it pop. Designer paper is available in many different brands, colors, and sizes and will be the most crucial part in the design of your card. The focal image, ribbons, buttons, brads, or "embellishments", you choose to use for your card are often based on the theme of your designer paper.

Below is a list of websites that offer free sketches and/or sketch challenges.


  • This blog has nice card sketches and inspirational photo's and also features a regular challenges where you can use only the sketch or the photo of combine the two.

 Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge

  • Operation Write home has hundreds of sketches with measurements for US A2 cards (4.25" x 5.5").  They also have brilliant tutorials and a youtube channel.  The have a great link to a colour schemer to inspire you even more.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Getting ready for a Improved blogposts

So many people are blogging these days that it can be a real challenge finding things you identify with and getting the information readers as well as companies would like to see.  During my research on what Design Teams want to see I decided to change what I blog and how I blog a bit to making it more friendly for both parties and here is how I plan on doing it and what I plan to change.  So please let me know how this work for you.
Think ahead when you make your card and jot down all the information about the card so it is easy to blog about it.  I love making the cards and scrapbook layout but find the admin of blogging hard work so here is a sample of what I have next to me when I create a card:

I can honestly not remember where I got it from but I printed off about a hundred and made a notepad, if it was your handy work .  I fill it in as I make the card and then put it in a binder with a photo of the card so I can blog about it quickly and easily recreate something similar if need be.  If I have to send my card to the company I design for or a magazine I can simply include a copy of this and hey presto all the hard work is done

Hope this help you as much as it has helped me.  I have also created my own version for future ideas, this had space for a sketch as well as possible products and colours I would like to use.  So a copy of this with a quick write up tomorrow.