Monday, 17 May 2010

Hougie Board

As I told you before I have just about every scoreboard available in the UK, but I just had to buy this one as well as it is a great double sided board.  Centimetres and 1/2 cm on one side and inches and 1/2 inches on the other so there's no need to try and convert cm in to inches.

It makes Measuring super easy and accurate first time. With this knowledge comes confidence to try any project and with confidence comes speed. So you can now make more projects in the time you have.

I already have a tutorial ready for the magix box, an A6 Easel card and envelope and also how to make any size envelope with you Hougie Board.

You can order yours here.

New Goodies for May 2010

This is the first time that I actually show you my newest acquisitions, the only reason for this is that I am so impressed by them.

I think the Wobblers CD by Kanban is the absolute best CD I have bought in a long time, already made a Magix Box with it.  I just had to get the matching stamps as well.  I am also bidding on the other Kanban CD Seasons Collection on Ebay and the Two stampsets to go with that I will same for my June Projects.

I will be doing quite a few Tutorials witht he Hougie Board and have started a Hougie yahougroup, contact me if you would like an invitation.  The Slice cutting tools I got because they match so perfectly with my Hougie Board and I can also use them to cut on my Hougie board in the grooves with a Ruler.  The ceramic blade is just the right lenght so I do not damage my Board.

The 20cm Ruler from Marianne Design is ideal to create perfect matting and Layering bits.  I have also invested in quite a few Marianne Design Creatable dies but will show you these as I use them in my projects.