Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Folded Mini Album

Front Cover

Back Cover

What You Would Need:
12"x12" Patterned Paper
Double sided Tape
Glue Stick
Piercing Tool or Crop-a-dile
Cutting Mat
Bone Folder

Fold each of the 12x12 papers into 16 equal sections. With the pattern side down, fold the paper in half. Unfold. Fold both sides in to the centre crease; this is commonly called a cupboard fold. Open the paper up and repeat these same folds, but folding in the opposite direction. The paper now has 16 equal sections.

With the pattern side up, fold all four corners to the centre. Unfold. With the pattern side down, fold all outside corners in to the first intersection, or mountain fold. Glue these folded corners down with a glue stick.

The folds in the paper form a 4-section square in the middle. Reinforce these folds by folding the paper in along these existing creases, folding one at a time. Bring the centre of each raw edge inward and down to the centre of the square along the reinforced fold lines, collapsing the corners along the existing creases.

When flattened, the corners of the paper now form a frame. Cut eight 6" squares from a sheet card stock. Insert a square into the four corners the folded page. Make as many pages as you require.

Join the pages together with card stock hinges. Cut five 4" squares from a sheet of card stock. Fold each of theses squares in half diagonally. Open the square and fold on the same crease, but in the reverse direction. Apply double sided tape along each side of the crease. Or Punch holes and use

Remove the backing from the tape. Carefully slide the “hinge” between the layers of one of the pages made in Step 4, lining up the edge of the page with the crease. Press down to adhere. Slide the other half of the hinge between the layers of the next page and press down to adhere. Repeat until all pages are connected.

To secure book closed, apply adhesive to one end of a 18" piece of ribbon. Adhere the ribbon to one side of the back cover, sliding the end between the layers of the cover. Repeat with another piece of ribbon for the opposite side of the back cover.

Decorate the inside pages with mini envelopes, stamped images or photos. Slide each photo into a small vellum envelope stamped with simple words and phrases.