Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Getting ready for a Improved blogposts

So many people are blogging these days that it can be a real challenge finding things you identify with and getting the information readers as well as companies would like to see.  During my research on what Design Teams want to see I decided to change what I blog and how I blog a bit to making it more friendly for both parties and here is how I plan on doing it and what I plan to change.  So please let me know how this work for you.
Think ahead when you make your card and jot down all the information about the card so it is easy to blog about it.  I love making the cards and scrapbook layout but find the admin of blogging hard work so here is a sample of what I have next to me when I create a card:

I can honestly not remember where I got it from but I printed off about a hundred and made a notepad, if it was your handy work .  I fill it in as I make the card and then put it in a binder with a photo of the card so I can blog about it quickly and easily recreate something similar if need be.  If I have to send my card to the company I design for or a magazine I can simply include a copy of this and hey presto all the hard work is done

Hope this help you as much as it has helped me.  I have also created my own version for future ideas, this had space for a sketch as well as possible products and colours I would like to use.  So a copy of this with a quick write up tomorrow.