Sunday, 20 October 2013

Traplet's Bookazine: A Card For All Seasons

I just received my copy and really love it, it is definetly the best of the last years cards featured in The Craft Stamper magazibe, so if you do not buy this magazine but would like to see why it is own of my favourites do invest in this bookazine it is awesome:)

A Card for all Seasons will guide you through making wonderful greetings cards and teach you some of the best-loved stamping methods. Using beautifully photographed, step-by-step projects to illustrate the techniques, the world’s best craft designers will help you achieve perfect results every time.  Using the different seasons as inspiration, the cards showcase a pleasingly varied number of styles – cute, sophisticated, contemporary, vintage, arty and graphic – plus extra ideas for creating matching items like tags, gift wrap and envelopes.  Try your hand at creating an amazingly realistic faux denim look; use our fantastic colouring techniques to create realistic skin tones on your stamped characters; learn how to use normal packing tape to transfer photographic images and create your own hand-dyed ribbon. Create artistic backgrounds using Distress Inks, ink sprays, paints, highlighter pens and much more! Step-by-step, clever paper engineering projects show you how to make a wonderful side step card, an incredible dissolving image card and a detailed 3D tunnel card. And for the thrifty there are ideas for using up your scrap paper, incorporating newspaper into your designs and recycling bottle caps! AYears of inspiration is here, waiting for you to discover it!
Featuring over 110 stunning cards, this bookazine is your essential guide to making beautiful cards using rubber stamps. You will find the very best card-making projects from the Craft Stamper back catalogue presented here. The projects have all been hand picked by Craft Stamper's editorial team, so you can see the very best techniques and most beautiful designs that we've published over the last couple of years.  

£5.99  at The Traplet Shop