Friday, 29 April 2011

Support Epilepsy Research

A friend of mine makes the loveliest Knitted Bears which she sells to help raise funds for Epilepsy Research.  Please pop over there and have a look:).  She will also be adding other items from time to time and does personlization as well, wow that it just brilliant.  Well doen Deb.

Lack of Tutorials for Hougie Board Yahoo Group

I am sorry I have not been able to post any as so many things are going on at the moment in my personal live.

I have been hoping to move just before Christmas, so all my crafting stuff are in boxes, but the 3rd attempted House purchase has just fallen through due to the vendor not disclosing all the info needed.The first one changed his mind just before exchange, 2nd one got a better offer just before exchange and 3rd one bought the property from the council, who still have a hold on the property till october unless she pays the penalty.  Each time we have paid solicitors, search fees, morgage arrangement and valuation fees, so over £3000.00 later we are still without a new property and its not for a lack of trying.  What upsets me the most is that all my crafting goodies, half my baby clothes and most of my kitchen appliances havce been packed up since before christmas as we were suppose to move before Juliets birth. At this rate she'll be walking, talking and getting married before we get something:).  Fingers crossed we will find another house to buy, this time without any complications, soon so I can start crafting and adding stuff to the Hougie board group. There is a few other members who have tutorials on their blogs. As I say between trying to sort out the house purchase, a seven year old that wants to craft as much as mum does and my 2 little girls (15 months and 15 weeks old) I have neglected the blog and both my Yahoo groups a bit:)