Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Envelope made with the Hougie Board

I got this Idea after looking at the Martha Stewart Scoreboard. Everybody have a 90 degree triangle and if you do not they are very cheap from any stationer or even a Pound shop.

Making Envelopes with you Hougie board is very easy.  Simply follow the steps below and soon you will be making envelopes in minutes.  Using the metric side you can also make envelope boxes for your 3d products.

Before starting line up your trinagle as shown in the photo above, the size of the traingle does not matter as long as it is has a 90 degree corner to fit nicely on your board.  I use a smaller if I make smaller envelopes.

Decide what size envelope you want to make, check the table below to find out what size paper you need to start with and cut your paper accordingly.
Envelope Size Start With in cm First Score Second Score
C6 21x21cm 6.5cm 9cm
DL 24.5x24.5cm 6.5cm 12cm
C5 28x28cm 9cm 12cm
5"Square 21x21 cm 8.5cm 8.5cm
4"Square 17x17cm 6.5cm 6.5cm

More to sizes to follow.

Now for the steps:

  1. Place your paper on the board against with the edge of the paper firmly against the traingle and score down the indicated line.
  2. Rotate the paper 180 degrees and score along the same line again.  Then score the remaining two sides on the second indicated line.  I use a corner rounder to soften the corners and make the envelope look more profesional.
  3. Fold the two outside corners toward the centre.
  4. Apply your choice of adhesive along the bottom edges of the flap.
  5. Fold the bottom flap of your envelope and press down to secure.  
  6. To add the finishing touch tuck the top part into the envelope or use a decorative corner punch for a nice effect.
Next time how to do a envelpe box and line your envelopes.


    Jose said...

    Just found your blog, and after reading it I went straight to ebay and bought a 'Hougie' so I will be back when it arrives :)

    Anonymous said...

    How do you calculate where to put the lines? I have some unusual sized cards I need to make envelopes for, and I've lost my hougie book!! Help!!!
    Donna x