Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Envelope made with the Hougie Board

I got this Idea after looking at the Martha Stewart Scoreboard. Everybody have a 90 degree triangle and if you do not they are very cheap from any stationer or even a Pound shop.

Making Envelopes with you Hougie board is very easy.  Simply follow the steps below and soon you will be making envelopes in minutes.  Using the metric side you can also make envelope boxes for your 3d products.

Before starting line up your trinagle as shown in the photo above, the size of the traingle does not matter as long as it is has a 90 degree corner to fit nicely on your board.  I use a smaller if I make smaller envelopes.

Decide what size envelope you want to make, check the table below to find out what size paper you need to start with and cut your paper accordingly.
Envelope Size Start With in cm First Score Second Score
C6 21x21cm 6.5cm 9cm
DL 24.5x24.5cm 6.5cm 12cm
C5 28x28cm 9cm 12cm
5"Square 21x21 cm 8.5cm 8.5cm
4"Square 17x17cm 6.5cm 6.5cm

More to sizes to follow.

Now for the steps:

  1. Place your paper on the board against with the edge of the paper firmly against the traingle and score down the indicated line.
  2. Rotate the paper 180 degrees and score along the same line again.  Then score the remaining two sides on the second indicated line.  I use a corner rounder to soften the corners and make the envelope look more profesional.
  3. Fold the two outside corners toward the centre.
  4. Apply your choice of adhesive along the bottom edges of the flap.
  5. Fold the bottom flap of your envelope and press down to secure.  
  6. To add the finishing touch tuck the top part into the envelope or use a decorative corner punch for a nice effect.
Next time how to do a envelpe box and line your envelopes.

    Easel Card and Envelope made with the Hougie Board

    Here is a Easel Card and Envelope both mede with my Hougie board.  The Grahpics used came from the Purple Pansie set at Fred, She Said Designs .

    For the Easel Card:
    1. Cut you cardstock 12" by 4".
    2. Score at 6" and then again at 9".  Fold at 6" to create your standard 6"x4" card base.  The 9" fold will be on the front of your card and will be the part that help the card stand up.
    3. Cut a second piece of cardstock to measure 6" by 4", this is the piece that you decorate.
    4. Adhere you decorated Card stock to the bottom 3" of you card front.
    5. Open the card and decorate inside.  Remember to use a bit of foam tape or double sided foam pads to raise a part of the inside decoration as this is where the top flap will rest when the card is standing up.
    For the Envelope:
    A full tutorial in the next post.

    Monday, 17 May 2010

    Hougie Board

    As I told you before I have just about every scoreboard available in the UK, but I just had to buy this one as well as it is a great double sided board.  Centimetres and 1/2 cm on one side and inches and 1/2 inches on the other so there's no need to try and convert cm in to inches.

    It makes Measuring super easy and accurate first time. With this knowledge comes confidence to try any project and with confidence comes speed. So you can now make more projects in the time you have.

    I already have a tutorial ready for the magix box, an A6 Easel card and envelope and also how to make any size envelope with you Hougie Board.

    You can order yours here.

    New Goodies for May 2010

    This is the first time that I actually show you my newest acquisitions, the only reason for this is that I am so impressed by them.

    I think the Wobblers CD by Kanban is the absolute best CD I have bought in a long time, already made a Magix Box with it.  I just had to get the matching stamps as well.  I am also bidding on the other Kanban CD Seasons Collection on Ebay and the Two stampsets to go with that I will same for my June Projects.

    I will be doing quite a few Tutorials witht he Hougie Board and have started a Hougie yahougroup, contact me if you would like an invitation.  The Slice cutting tools I got because they match so perfectly with my Hougie Board and I can also use them to cut on my Hougie board in the grooves with a Ruler.  The ceramic blade is just the right lenght so I do not damage my Board.

    The 20cm Ruler from Marianne Design is ideal to create perfect matting and Layering bits.  I have also invested in quite a few Marianne Design Creatable dies but will show you these as I use them in my projects.

    Wednesday, 12 May 2010

    Creativity! Cancer Research Campaign Update >> View

    Even more funds are being raised through sales of two new clear stamp designs from Papermania launched earlier this year!

    >> Click Here to visit the Cancer Research Uk website and find out more about the work they do.
    Show your support today and download this great avatar to use!

    Wednesday, 5 May 2010

    Folded Mini Album

    Front Cover

    Back Cover

    What You Would Need:
    12"x12" Patterned Paper
    Double sided Tape
    Glue Stick
    Piercing Tool or Crop-a-dile
    Cutting Mat
    Bone Folder

    Fold each of the 12x12 papers into 16 equal sections. With the pattern side down, fold the paper in half. Unfold. Fold both sides in to the centre crease; this is commonly called a cupboard fold. Open the paper up and repeat these same folds, but folding in the opposite direction. The paper now has 16 equal sections.

    With the pattern side up, fold all four corners to the centre. Unfold. With the pattern side down, fold all outside corners in to the first intersection, or mountain fold. Glue these folded corners down with a glue stick.

    The folds in the paper form a 4-section square in the middle. Reinforce these folds by folding the paper in along these existing creases, folding one at a time. Bring the centre of each raw edge inward and down to the centre of the square along the reinforced fold lines, collapsing the corners along the existing creases.

    When flattened, the corners of the paper now form a frame. Cut eight 6" squares from a sheet card stock. Insert a square into the four corners the folded page. Make as many pages as you require.

    Join the pages together with card stock hinges. Cut five 4" squares from a sheet of card stock. Fold each of theses squares in half diagonally. Open the square and fold on the same crease, but in the reverse direction. Apply double sided tape along each side of the crease. Or Punch holes and use

    Remove the backing from the tape. Carefully slide the “hinge” between the layers of one of the pages made in Step 4, lining up the edge of the page with the crease. Press down to adhere. Slide the other half of the hinge between the layers of the next page and press down to adhere. Repeat until all pages are connected.

    To secure book closed, apply adhesive to one end of a 18" piece of ribbon. Adhere the ribbon to one side of the back cover, sliding the end between the layers of the cover. Repeat with another piece of ribbon for the opposite side of the back cover.

    Decorate the inside pages with mini envelopes, stamped images or photos. Slide each photo into a small vellum envelope stamped with simple words and phrases.

    Friday, 30 April 2010

    Happy Halloween

    I made this card as a Thank You card for a mother that invited David to her Daugther's Halloween Party. She loved it, it was also a great way of giving her my Contact number in case sonething went wrong at the party and she needed me to come pick him up.
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    Mini Waterfall Anniversary Album

    Here is a Little Anniversary Album I made for my Husband.

    Page one is a photo of me on our Weddingday on the beach

    Page two is "The Kiss"

    Page three is a family photo taken during our holiday on South Africa when my son, David, was 9 months old.

    Page four and five does not yet have photo's as Bianca was not yet born when I made it.

    I am in the Process of making another and will take photo's as I go for the Tutorial I will add later.
    1 piece of 12" x 6" firm cardstock    - for the cover (Purple)
    1 piece of 12 x 12" firm cardstock    - for the 5 pages
    cut 5 pages from this sheet with the following dimensions. (Red)
    5½" x  5¼
    5" x  5¼
    4½" x  5¼
    4" x  5¼
    3½" x  5¼
    1 Strip of 11" x 5¼ firm thick cardstock - for the waterfall slider 
    1 Strip of 1½" x 6" firm cardstock
    1 pull tab: 2"x2" piece of cardstock folded in half
    Adhesives - wet glue and double sided tape
    Paper trimmer
    Paper scoring tool

    Step 1  -  The cover
    Take piece of 12"x6" and fold it at 5 7/8" and 6 1/8".
    Take the  1½" x 6" strip, apply tape to the ends and stick it to the right inner cover 1" in from the rhs. Set the cover aside for now.
    Step 2  - Pages
    Cut the pages and set these pages aside.
    5½" x  5¼
    5" x  5¼
    4½" x  5¼
    4" x  5¼
    3½" x  5¼

    Step 3.
    Take the 11" x 5¼ Strip and score a fold at 3", 3½", 4", 4½", 5, 5½".

    Step 4
    Stick the tab onto the right hand side

    Step 5.
    Fold at the first score line, use a bone knife or your thumbnail to create a nice crisp fold. Open the sheet and fold at the 2nd score line, create a crisp fold and apply glue to this section. Take the shortest of our 5 pages (the 3½" x  5¼) and stick it to the fold.
    Step 6.
    Open the sheet again and fold at the 3rd score line, create a crisp fold and apply glue to this section. Take the 4" x  5¼ page and stick it to the fold.       
    Repeat Step 6. for the remaining 3 pages.

    Step 7
    Open up the page slider (the pages should be underneath) Slip the slider under the strip and center the page lot onto the back cover. Take some double sided tape and stick it on to the strip.

    Step 8
    When the slider and pages are centered then close the album sticking the slider to the top of the strip and stick it down good.

    Test your album opens ok by pulling on the pull out tab and decorate.

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    Thursday, 22 April 2010

    I'm Back

    After a long absense I am back with a vengence.  I will be uploading a lot of photo's of the cards and creations I have made in the last 4 months.

    Bianca is growing quickly and now that she is a little less demanding I can get to crafting and blogging.  I will also be taking up some online challenges and try post at least 3 to 4 times per week.  I will also be uploading the tutorials and tips and advise promised earlier.

    Friday, 29 January 2010


    For all of you who have been admiring the Magic Boxes on Create & Craft and in the MAKING GIFTS magazine have a look at Eliane's site. She is the original creator of these little beauties. You can see her website and gallery or follow her blog to see more of her wonderful creations. The stamps and goodies she use to make these are all available in her shop. I have bought quite a few of the stampsets and have to say they are excelletn quality and the customer service I got from them was brilliant as well.

    There is also a tutorial for a Small Butterfly Box and how to create a 3D Flower.