Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Newest Goodies

These stamps are from Micheal Strong. I like his stamps as they are very versatile and are made of good quality natural red rubber. They come mounted on foam mount already the the packaging are brilliant to store your stamps on. They ship worldwide and I think the stamps are well priced, so go have a look for yourselfs.
Here is the Cloisonné Pot and to find other wasy to use it look here.

Here is the Cloisonné Vase and to find other wasy to use it look here.

Last but not the least here is the Cloisonné Mosaic Frame. You can get some ideas of how to use it from here.

You can also watch video's using these stamps here.
As my camera is currently unavailable I will try and scan the cards I have made but I am not sure how will it will work as they are pretty 3d.

Some Cards I made using Craft CD's


These cards was made using some Crafts CD's by Carol Ann from CarolAnn Studio. I love her cd's as they are so easy to use and the possiblities are also endless.
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