Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Compatible ink prices makes craft CD's fun again

I started using compatible ink recently because of the lovely Craft Cd's available.
I was always under the impression that these would damage your printer but as my old printer reached what I though was the end of it life, I started expermimenting. Be careful however as some companies sells rubbish that are not colour true or only print a few pages.
At First Call Inks on Amazon I found as good as the original ink and they last as long as original but at a fraction of the cost, so try them for excellent inks. 
Digi crafting has never been so affordable at last I do not feel guilding about printing everything I like and deciding later what I want to use.  

Will tell you later how may Craft CD's I have, believe me you will be shocked, who know maybe I can evern inspire you to try using them as ofter as I do:)