Monday, 17 May 2010

New Goodies for May 2010

This is the first time that I actually show you my newest acquisitions, the only reason for this is that I am so impressed by them.

I think the Wobblers CD by Kanban is the absolute best CD I have bought in a long time, already made a Magix Box with it.  I just had to get the matching stamps as well.  I am also bidding on the other Kanban CD Seasons Collection on Ebay and the Two stampsets to go with that I will same for my June Projects.

I will be doing quite a few Tutorials witht he Hougie Board and have started a Hougie yahougroup, contact me if you would like an invitation.  The Slice cutting tools I got because they match so perfectly with my Hougie Board and I can also use them to cut on my Hougie board in the grooves with a Ruler.  The ceramic blade is just the right lenght so I do not damage my Board.

The 20cm Ruler from Marianne Design is ideal to create perfect matting and Layering bits.  I have also invested in quite a few Marianne Design Creatable dies but will show you these as I use them in my projects.

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Jose said...

Oh dear this is costing me money, after buying my hougie this morning now I have bought a 'slice' :)