Friday, 3 August 2012

"Unleashing The Creative Child Within You" Review

I am sure a lot of you have seen this Advert and wondered if the book is all it promised to be.....

Unleashing The Creative Child Within You
Back when we were kids creativity came naturally to us. Everything was possible and our prolific imagination was the only limit we knew.
Through the years we have grown apart from our inner creative child and along with that – have lost our pristine and utter joy of creation.

In this e-book I will pave your way back to your inner creative child, brick by brick.

“Unleashing The Creative Child Within You” will explain why you became distant from your core creativity and will reveal the secret to getting it back.

With exercises designed specifically to help you find the inner child within you, regain its confidence and unleash it – you are bound to get your mojo back faster than you think.

Get “Unleashing The Creative Child Within You” for your Kindle
for only $4.99.

You can read the Kindle book on Kindle devices, on your smart phones or on your PC or MAC.

Well after 2 babies in less then 2 years, packing up all my craft goodies, a few failed house purchases and then at last a  house move, I felt pretty down, demotivated and uncreative so I thought I have nothing to loose but a few pounds if it does not live up to its promised.

When I got my pdf download, which you can purchase directly by contacting Avital here, I though this little book will definately not get my creative juices flowing but started reading it anyway.

I was up till the early morning reading it and started doing the 10 Exercises in the book straight away.  Now halfway throught the exercises I can now definately say: If you are looking for an immediate creativity boost, buy this book! 

Not only do I feel inspired to craft again but I am also more in touch with who I really am.

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