Monday, 21 January 2013

Craft group Photo Frame

In 2012 I started going to a local craft group on Tuesday Mornings in the Village I live.  A few years ago before Bianca and Juliet's births I was invited to teach a class or two at this group but now I was desperate for some inspiration. These craft mornings are arranged by Sure Start and the Community Centre for mothers in the area with young children to encourage them to try these things with their kids at home. The girls get to go to  a creche with other kids and I get to spend time with other crafty mums. 

We have made Driftwood mirrors, (mine was a disaster as the glue they provided was watered down PVA with not much holding power), decorated fabric bags, glass painting, photo frames, wreaths and a few other items. 

Most of the base products used came from a UK based company called Baker Ross that mostly cater for children's craft, fundraising products and educational goodies.

My Finished Product

 Here are my version of the Large white craft photo frames we had to decorate. Made a lovely contribution to the School's Christmas Bazaar.

Overall size 18cm x 14cm. Availabe here at £4.95 for 5 (99p each) or £13.95 for 15 (93p each) Orders under £10 pay £2.20 Standard Delivery service and orders over £50 is free

Blank Frame

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