Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Card-Making-Magic is my favourite resource site

I have been a keen follower of this site since I started cardmaking and has learned so much from her.  Christina Griffiths is another really inpirational lady, not every one likes her cards but I love them and thinks her tutorials and videos are simply the best.  If you are new to cardmaking then Card-Making-Magic is designed especially for you.  The website is easy to follow. All the catagories are are on your left and you can even get a FREE copy of "Card Making Sketches".  This booklet explains how to use sketches and show you a few variations on the same sketch.

She has two websites Card Making Magic as well as Flowers Ribbons and Pearls that is her blog and her own Youtube Channel and Facebook page.  As I was about to post this I also foud out that she is now on Twitter, wow what a busy lady.

A great place to start would be with Card-making-equipment you may need or Basic Tools that explains the basics you will need in detail and follow on with links to all the other fun stuff cardmakers come to believe they can not live without. 

Other useful links can be found on the Card-Making-Techniques, Card Making Tutorials, Video Tutorials, and useful resources. Actually just pop over to her websites and click on any of her links as they are all brilliant. 

Just a quick word to say thank you to Griff, her hubby and  her camera man, you make a great team and we love watching all the videos.

Christina please keep on sharing, no matter what other may say I love your work and share this as a very special thank you for all I have learned from you.

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