Thursday, 3 September 2015

Card or Project Planner A la Bon

So as promised here is my card planner. I use it for nearly every project and  I also have an Stampin Up! 6 x 8 Project life folder with blank sheet that goes just about every where with me to log inspiration.  In the image below you can see how I can utilize the sketch space for square as well as landscape or portrait cards. I like drawing a rough sketch of ideas I get from other blogs, Pinterest, magazines or even adverts or YouTube video's rather then having a picture of original to avoid just coping another crafter's work.  I try to record as much information about my idea before I start so I can go to my stash and pull everything out I need in one go.  This folder is really useful when the dreaded crafter's block strike.  Feel free to grap a copy for personal use by right clicking and saving the image file.  I will provide a PDF at a later stage.  

I like to write the measurements of completed cards on the back of these sheets that I leave blank specifically for this reason and if I am really happy with the end result I will also print out a small photo of the project to stick on the back next to the measurements.

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