Friday, 15 April 2011

Even more reason for absense

Ok now it is taking really long and I am getting frustrated.  We have been trying since 24th of December 2010 to get a bigger house sorted out and it was suppose to have happened before Juliet's birth.  I even packed most of my crafting goodies so I would not have to worry about it while in hospital but then our buyer had issues and then the person we were buying from pulled out, just one thing after the other.  Now at last it looks like the move might just happen in the next few weeks.  It better I so need to craft even just making one card would be excellent stress relieve.  To add to it all it is school holiday in the UK and because most non essentials have been packed my seven year old is doing my head in.
More news soon hopefully.

I have however found the most beautiful digi papers at Bearly Mine Designs.  I think Donna makes the best papers I have ever seen, I am hoping to use them in some mini albums I plan to do ones the move is over and everything is in it place. Oh just remembered I need a new printers as Bianca managed to reck the one I got two Chrismasses ago, cause Daddy up it on a low shelf and his little Princess dad great fun with it while Mummy was out to have her eyes tested. Please pray with me that this happens quickly.

Take care till next time and please do go look at Donna's blog.

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