Monday, 24 January 2011

Reason for my long absense

Sorry to all of you who used to follow my blog for my long absense, the reason for this can be seen in the photo below:

Her name is Juliet and she was born on 11-01-2011.  yes I do now have three children: David who turnrd 7 in December 2010, Bianca who turned 1 in December and our precious little Juliet.  I am sure having two littlw ones will take a lot of my time and limit Crafting time but even busy mums need to relax sometimes, so I will have to make time for crafting.  Maybe when everyone is asleep at night I will get a chance, providing I do not fall asleep myself.


MaryNSC said...


Bon said...

Thanks Mary, it is a challenge with 2 under 2's, no real time for crafting:( but hopefully I will be back in fulswing soon.

5star said...

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