Thursday, 28 March 2013

Complete Scoring board and basic tool set

I have had so many Scoreboards through the year but when a new one come out it always have a feature or two that the previous did not or the "people in the know" promise this is the ultimate tool so I am not going to make any promises about this Scoreboard that I will be selling from late April.
I will simply tell you what I like about it.  I loved the Martha Stewart Board because of the Envelope traingle and regular scoreline but was in inches, the ScorePal bacause you could buy a ScoreMat to cut on and it had a metric version but the scorelines was not regular enough and  both are to small when you are working with paper larger then 12x12 and the bigger boards from Crafters Companion just ended up in the shed after being used maybe once :( So it goes on and on all have advantages and all have disadvantages so here is a board that incorporate it all the positives and a few other features.  
Go look at the Video's linked below and keep an eye out for more shortly after its UK release available at , Ebay or Amazon at £15.50 now.

*Multi-Functional Scoring Board
*Double sided: one side is used for cutting and the other one is used for scoring and Envelope making
*Professional tools for card, envelope and gift box.
*Make different size of envelop.

Scoring Board Set Including:

* Scoring Board:
 *One side is for cutting and the other is for folding paper.
 *Used to make different cards, gift boxes, and envelopes. Combine two functions and  make space-saving.

*Scoring Ruler:
 *High quality scoring ruler. Latch structure makes the ruler perfectly fit the board. Clear  and easy to understand how to use it to make the cards or boxes. With steel bar, you can use it to cut the paper more safe.

*Envelope Triangle:
 *Used for making envelopes. Separate the size of short and long side in different colors.     There are totally 5 kinds of measurement for your reference. For other size, please refer the print on the mat and tutorials to follow on this blog.

*Bone Folder:
 *Use this versatile tool to score and fold paper or cardstock, or use to burnish and wrap    paper around bookboard edges. It is also used for scoring or marking papers, fabrics,    and boards.

*Snap-OFF Craft Knife:
 *Avoid the irregular cutting, please use the sharp blade.
 *Use the cutter with cutting mat, to avoid damaging the surface of your desk and extend  the lifespan of blade.


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